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Carving wood
Carwing woodCarving is one of the traditionally developed artistic handicraft arts of Uzbekistan since ancient times. The following items are worth of attention: carved columns and shores for columns that were made by masters from Khiva in the beginning of XIX century, caskets that were made in the beginning of the century by Kh. Najmiddinov and S. Khodjaev, carved octahedral tables and chairs that were made in "Islimi" style by M. Kasimov, painted bars by A. Fayzulaev and Z. Karimov, octahedral tables, chairs, carved lyagans by K. Khaydarov (Kokand), doors decorated with flower ornamental patterns by U. Rubinov, and others works of art that were made by masters from Tashkent T.Takhtakhodjaev, Y. Raufov, D. Khakimov

  Carwing wood

Box. S. Khodjaev. Tashkent, the beginning of the XX c.
      Carwing wood

Table. K. Khaidarov.
Kokand, 1983 year
      Carwing wood

Lyagan. Kh. Ganiev.
Tashkent, 1984 year.
  Carwing wood

Screen. Faizullaev.
Tashkent, 1950 year.
      Carwing wood

Column basis.
Khiva, the end of the XIX c.
      Carwing wood  
  Carwing wood

Luvkh. A. Azlarov.
Tashkent, 1990 year.
      Carwing wood

Door. M.Ashirov.
Tashkent, 1986 year.
      Carwing wood

Box. Z. Ganiev.
Tashkent, 1989 year.
  Carwing wood       Carwing wood

Table. Bukhara.
The end of the XIX c.
      Carwing wood

Box. Kh. Umarov.
Kokand, 1985 year.
  Carwing wood

Luvkh - stand for books.
Kh. Ganiev. Tashkent, 1985 year


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