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Embroidery in gold
Golden sewingOne of the elegant kinds of artistic handicraft art of Uzbekistan is gold embroidery that was developed in the city of Bukhara. In XIX century, chapans, boots and turbans with gold embroidery were manufactured only for Emir of Bukhara and his officials.
Known to the whole world, artistic panels "Pakhta", "Kitoba", "Bayram", "Ulduz", "Guri Amir", "Ismoil Somoniy makbarasi", "Anor", "Islimi", which were created on the basis of projects of the most famous master of Bukhara factory of gold-embroidery R. Mirzaev, P. Khakimov, G. Makhmudov, N. Aminov, N. Sultanov, M. Akhmedova, M. Temurova, V. Stolyarov, Kh. Khamroev, N. Nam are kept in depository of the museum. These items were demonstrated at exhibition in many countries and were rewarded with gold, silver medals and with diplomas of highest degree.
It is appropriate to mention here that in 1960 national artists of Uzbekistan V. Stolyarov, N. Aminov, M. Akhmedova were working on panel "Ulduz" (sometimes called girikh) for two years. The dimensions of this panel is 445 x 445. 45 people that were working in three shifts wove this panel in the course of 8 months. This panel is considered as one of the most unique exhibits of the museum.
In total, there are 500 gold embroideries kept in the museum. They could be divided into three groups: thematic artistic panels of big sizes; clothing - chapans, jackets, tyubeteikas, and belts; footwear - slippers, shoes; pillow cases, small bags, purses, covers for teapot, glasses and also the album of different works of gold embroidery created by N. Amimov, V. Nam.

  Golden sewing

Panel "Girikh" (star). Stolyarov V.P., M. Akhmedova Bukhara, 1960 year.
      Golden sewing

Waistcoat. Bukhara, 1957 year
      Golden sewing

Panel "Keiteba"N. Aminov
Bukhara, 1956 year.
  Golden sewing

Golden sewing tyubetaikas.
Bukhara, 1940 - 1960 years.
      Golden sewing

Man's golden robe "Chapan". M. Ubaidova. Bukhara, 1999 year.
      Golden sewing

Pillow-slip. M. Akhmedova.
Bukhara, 1959 year.
  Golden sewing

Bandage for the forehead.
Bukhara, 1950 year
      Golden sewing

Handbag. Bukhara, 1960 year
      Golden sewing

Women's shoes. Bukhara, 1970 year
  Golden sewing

Panel "Ismail Samani" V. Kedrin, P. Mirzaev Bukhara, 1957 year".


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