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Exhibition of toy-whistles and plastic arts
The exhibition of toy-whistles and plastic art is held in the museum of applied arts dedicated to the festival “Navrouz”. In the collection of the museum there are more than 400 articles of plastic art. Plastic art include the whistles, fantastic animals in the form of goat, horse, tiger, ram, dragon, which were known from the ancient time. Such kind of toys on the whole produced for festival and sold in the bazaar. The parents bought the toys for their children as gifts. The streets were filled with children, whistled loudly, noise of toy-whistles was everywhere.
In the museum there are exhibits of 12 various schools, such as: Samarkand, Bukhara (Uba), Tashkent, Rishtan, Surkhandarya, Ura tepa. Toys differ from each other with originality.

More than 100 articles of plastic art and toy-whistles are presented in the exhibition. The works of A.Mukhtarov from Samarkand, Kh.Rakhimov, F.Sagdullaev, K.Babaeva from Bukhara, Kh.Sattarov from Rishtan, K.Asrarov from Surkhandarya, A.Abdurakhimova, G.Odintsova, T.Bagnovets, Sh.Muminova from Tashkent, G.Khalilova from Ura тepa are presented.


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